DecoBike San Diego will launch as a city-wide, automated bicycle sharing and rental Program. It will be made available 24/7 to all residents and visitors as an alternative form of public transportation. The program is being privately-funded by DecoBike LLC., as part of a long-term Partnership with the City of San Diego. The Program is expected to launch in the summer of 2014.

The Program will help provide transportation connectivity throughout the city as a “first mile and last mile” commuter solution, in addition to being a “green,” healthy and fun recreation option. Bike sharing programs have rapidly changed the way millions of people get around each and every day without the hassle of storing and maintaining their own bike. With an estimated 175 station locations and a fleet of 1,800 custom program bikes, DecoBike will be an ideal amenity for all those who live, work and play in San Diego.

For additional information, visit San Diego Transportation Department.

Todd Gloria, San Diego Council President

“This program represents a capital investment to the City valued in excess of $8 million, but I’m even more excited about this latest way of delivering a new transportation option to San Diegans. Imagine, people will be able take the trolley, coaster, or bus rapid transit from other areas of the county into downtown, and use bike sharing to explore areas or get to meetings and events that aren’t within easy walking distance from transit.”

Todd Gloria
Council President
City of San Diego